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When we need to buy mangoes we fall into the trap of thinking which company we will be more profitable to buy from and which company we are loyal to. There are thousands of design companies in the world who provide domain services to any part of the world through their websites. But the question is which company will be the best to buy the domain from? You can answer the question well
And the answer to this question depends on how you use the domain
1. You buy for a short time ?
2. You will buy for a long time ?
3. Is your website permanent ?
4. Is your website temporary ?
5. Is your website serviceable and you don't want to make any money from it ?
Think for yourself what kind of work you want to buy a domain for.
Got the answer, if you want to use the website for a long time and make money from the website then you have to think about the security of the domain without considering the price. Because without security you can never manage your website for long. If you want to buy for a short time, it is better to buy considering the price. Take it from where you get the demand at a lower price.
If you are running a website for a service, you can get a domain at a lower price.
But before buying a domain, one thing to keep in mind is how much you will have to pay next year as the price of the domain.

Before Buying a Domain, This things to keep in mind -

renewal rates
Customer support
Ease To Use
I'm not telling you to buy Domain from here I just share personal experience not doing affiliate for this provider 


Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, which provides domain name registration and web hosting, based in Phoenix, Arizona, US. Namecheap is a budget hosting provider with 11 million registered users and 10 million domains. Wikipedia CEO: Richard Kirkendall (Aug 2001–)
Founder: Richard Kirkendall
Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States
Type of business: Privately held company
NameCheap runs at $8.88/year for .com and $12.98/year for . net domains during signup. Renewal fees at NameCheap are slightly higher, costing $10.98/year for a .com domain and $14.98/year for a .Jul 7, 2020
Should You Get Your Domain from Namecheap or GoDaddy? - WHSR
namecheap costs Refund
New domain name registrations may be refundable, at the sole discretion of Namecheap, if you, the registrant, cancel the domain name registration for a valid reason and the cancellation is processed within 3 days (72 hours) after registration.

Google Domains

Free privacy protection
Email forwarding services
Easy access to add-on services
Domain sharing
2-step verification
Cloud DNS
DNS exporting
24/7 customer support


GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and incorporated in Delaware. As of June 2020, GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and over 7,000 employees worldwide. Wikipedia
CEO: Aman Bhutani (Sep 4, 2019–)
Stock price: GDDY (NYSE) $75.39 -0.94 (-1.23%)
Nov 18, 4:00 PM EST - Disclaimer
Founder: Bob Parsons
Founded: 1997, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Employees: 7,000 (2020)


Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet facility in Orem, Utah. Bluehost employs over 750 people in its Utah facility. Wikipedia
Customer service: 00 1 801-765-9400
CEO: Suhaib Zaheer (2017–)
Founder: Matt Heaton
Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Orem, Utah, United States
Parent organization: Endurance International Group
Bluehost Pricing: What do they offer? Shared hosting at Bluehost costs between $8.99 to $25.99 monthly after renewal (discounts the first year available). All plans include a free domain the 1st year. Their WordPress optimized hosting starts at $39.99 a month.

Free privacy protection for life
DNS management tools
Email and domain forwarding
Domain defender protection
Locking/unlocking capability
Monetized parking page
24/7 customer support