how to generate organic traffic for my website ? 

What is Organic traffic of website ?

To most, organic traffic consists of visits from search engines, while direct traffic is made up of visits from people entering your company URL into their browser.

✓ traffic source -


Any traffic where the referrer or source is unknown.


Traffic from email marketing that has been properly tagged with an email parameter.


Traffic from search engine results that is earned, not paid.

Paid search:

Traffic from search engine results that is the result of paid advertising via Google AdWords or another paid search platform.


Traffic that occurs when a user finds you through a site other than a major search engine.


Traffic from a social network, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.


If traffic does not fit into another source or has been tagged as “Other” via a URL parameter, it will be bucketed into “Other” traffic.

How to generate more organic traffic ?

Since organic traffic cannot be bought with money, you have to pay more attention to the content of your website to get this kind of traffic. There is something you need on your website that is not available anywhere else. In this case, visitors remember the name of your website as soon as they see it on your website, then they enter your website directly.

Things to do -

◼️ Refrain from giving wrong information on the website!

◼️ You can create different banners with the name of your website and upload them on social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

◼️ Try to give only the name of the website without direct link to share your website elsewhere, if a visitor cannot access your website by clicking directly, you can enter your website through browser by copying the link.

◼️ Try to find good keywords that are not usually found on Google search. However, these must be valid.

◼️ Share something that benefits others through the website

◼️ Use tags well when writing website articles. E.g. - h1, h2, h3, h4 etc.

◼️ Remember that in order to get organic traffic you have to work for a while it is not possible to do it in one day.

◼️ Organic traffic increases based on the age of the website so it will become more effective if your site is a little older.

◼️ Set up Google search optimization well, you will see that if there is any kind of mistake, your website will never rank.

◼️ You can use feed burner for general visitors to get more organic traffic and you can collect e-mail from here and deliver the banner of your website to the visitors. In this case organic traffic will increase a lot.