If you are thinking about new website you have to think about SEO first.
Why SEO important ?
Suppose you have started a new business and that company has all kinds of products available but not many people know about your organization. Now tell me will you succeed commercially? While there are a few questions in a business organization but many people know the name of that business organization will eventually be ahead of you. It is easy to create a website like this but it is very difficult to reach out to the general customer and gain recognition. 

For a new website, You Need To Do This First - Best SEO Guideline

1. Effective Domain Name -

Remember, Your Domain should be
✓ short
✓ simple
✓ memorable
✓ unique

Attractive names attract most people and as well as being easy to land, ordinary visitors can easily remember it. Basically an ideal name should be short and memorable.
Example: abcd.com 
This Domain Name is short but not memorable, as the name has no specific meaning. So it is better to have a short name as well as a semantic word, which is very convenient for the general consumers to remember. 
Let's see again,
Example: facebook.com 
See the name is not short but easy to remember because it has semantic words. In the same way, if you have short and meaningful words, your site will reach the people quickly and it will show good results in Google search. 
It is best to Domain Name a word that is already familiar to everyone. Choose a name that matches your website activity. It is better to choose the Domain Name according to your website category. If you want to create a technology related website, use a technology related name. To create a newspaper website, add the word news or anything related before or after the name.

2. Website Template / Theme Selection

Assume that you have set up a business, all the products there are very beautiful and quality, but inside your business is dirty and untidy, in this case, no customer can easily take products from you. So the name of the website should be attractive as well as the internal condition of the website should be neat and beautiful. 
Blogger and Wordpress has two types of theme Free and Premium version. You can use one of them.
You can download and use free template for Blogger or WordPress. But from personal experience I can say that nothing in the world is free, everything has to be paid for. 
So if you want to download a free theme or use a free theme, you must try to use the themes that are given on the official site of Blogger or WordPress. 

Wordpress Theme

If you are using wordpress you can download and use free theme from wordPress official site wordpress.org or you can use premium themes even if you want. You need to pay for premium theme buy a complete package from a verified website like as themeforest etc.

Blogger Theme

In the same way, on the Blogger site you will find some of their own themes that you can use for free as well as customize. Most of the Blogger themes are usually available for free, but the free downloaded themes should be checked out and used. If you have no knowledge of coding, use a free theme from Blogger's official site to be much safer.
Choose Simple and fast template for your website. Avoid huge scripted theme.

3. Google Search Console (webmaster) and Google Analytics

Before you launch your site, get a basic handle on analytics tools that you can use to assess your website’s SEO success. Google Analytics is a good place to start.
Once you’ve created your account, you can get valuable insights about customer acquisition, behavior, and conversions. 
For example, you can see where website users are located -
how much time they spend on different pages of your website, and
even check the bounce rate of visitors. With this information,
you can get an idea of what your customers do and don’t like about your website.
For example, if you find people are spending
longer periods on your video blogs, you might put more energy into creating more vlogs.

4. Create Necessary Pages Before Launch Your website.

SEO-optimized landing pages, homepage, and other

Complete your SEO-optimized landing pages, homepage, and other more permanent pages where content won’t frequently change, like the “Services” and “About Me” pages, before launch. 

This content should be created with specific keywords in mind, so you’ll want to conduct thorough keyword research before launching this content.

specific pages for every website - 
Create Top Up Menu With This Pages - 
🗀 About us 
🗀 Contact us
🗀 Privacy policy
🗀 Disclaimer

Optional pages -

🗀 Services
🗀 Feedback
this type of pages should be unique don't copy from another website. write this pages according to your website.
N:B: If you are thinking about AdSense for your website you must have this pages. 

Before launch your website you need to include 
◼️ Google analytics tracking ID
◼️ Google tag manager JS code
◼️ Google verification code
For Strong SEO Build Up - 
◼️ meta data for your website
◼️ meta icon for your website
◼️ upload fav icon for your website
◼️ you can create your own logo for your website. 

5. Unique Content and post SEO -

How to Search Engine Optimize Blog Content

Always Remember one thing Content is King if your content is too helpful to others either way audience find your content. 
Before creating an article, firstly think -
What kind of content do you read a lot ? We find those type of content which can help us in our daily life, so before writing any content, we have to think what kind of content audience want ?
First choose a specific topic that you understand very well and then you can write the necessary articles about these topics.
First choose what kind of website you want to make -
◼️ Science and technology
◼️ Health issues
◼️ Entertainment
◼️ Newspapers
◼️ Education
◼️ Others etc.
✓ Remember, just work with one category.
✓ Keep in mind that the content must be useful to others.

At first as I said if your content is too helpful to others either way audience find your content.

Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Now let's come to POST SEO
What is POST SEO?
When we write an article, there are several lines inside are important. Attaching the necessary tags for these lines is called POST SEO.

Let's introduce with the H tag -

<h1> Major Heading </h1>
<h2> Heading </h2>
<h3> Sub Heading </h3>
<h4> Minor Heading </h4>
<p> Paragraph  </p>

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