Favorite Three People Of Jack Ma (Alibaba)

When it comes to Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba and its founder Jack Marr, the other three people to discuss are Zhang Ying, Jin Yong and Jerry Yang. They have a direct or indirect contribution to bring Alibaba to where it is today. Let's see how these three are with Jack Marr today.

Jack Mar's wife Zhang Ying
The two met while studying at Hangzhou Normal University. After completing his studies, he got married in 1970. In the beginning, both of them chose teaching as a profession.

Then when Jack Ma launched Alibaba in 1999 with 16 other co-founders, Zhang Ying was one of the partners. He handled many complex tasks of the organization with a firm hand. Jack has been supporting his mother and the whole team since Alibaba's journey began. When Alibaba started the business in full swing, Zhang took over as the general manager of Alibaba's China division. He later resigned from Alibaba in 2004 to focus on child and family management.

The extent to which Zhang Ying has worked for Alibaba can be seen in the words of Jack Marr, ‘In those years, Zhang Ying spent all his time working for Alibaba. Far from giving himself time, he didn't even meet his friends. '

Jack Mar Idol Jean Young
Jack Ma is considered an idol by the popular Usia novelist Jean Young. Jin Ying is probably the most popular of the Ushiya novelists. Jack Ma is a fan of various novels written by him about martial arts and weapons skills. Alibaba's motto is also heard to have that effect.

Among the Ushiya novels, The Smiling and Proud Wonder's Jack Marr is a favorite. He once said on a talk show that Feng Qingyang, the character in Jin Young's novel, was his favorite. Feng Qingyang's ability to solve complex problems and teach his disciple Ling Hu Chong to be the best tourist is quite admirable. Jack Ma himself used to teach at one time. He always wants his students and colleagues to be more successful than him.

The third most important person in Jack Marr's life is his friend and well-wisher, Jerry Young, co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo Inc. Jack Ma and Jerry have known each other since 1998, when Jack Ma worked at the Chinese engineering firm CIECC. After leaving the job, he was invited to join Yahoo, but he did not. Alibaba's journey began two years later.

Then in 2005 the two met again while attending an investor event. After a 10-minute discussion, Yahoo later invested ১০ 1 billion in Alibaba.