Making money has traditionally been associated with offline work. Even after the Internet reached everyone, for a long time it was limited to mail exchange and social media. But now the internet has taken over a large part of our lives.

A big part of the day is spent with the internet. The scope of work has also increased since our world came into the hands of the Internet. Created offline as well as online income path.

Many people are getting success by freelancing in the country which is plagued with unemployment problem. But without knowing the reality and the right way, many are stuck in the trap of failure. So the main topic of our discussion today is freelancing and some effective ways to earn money online.

Make Money By Freelancing

Before discussing freelancing, we need to know what freelancing means. Freelancing is a contract-based profession where individuals serve a number of clients using their skills and experience rather than working under a company. Simply put, freelancing is about using your skills, education and experience to work independently with multiple clients.

Freelancing is currently a popular way to make money online. You don't need a degree to do freelancing, but you need skills. There are several websites where clients and freelancers interact to get a freelancing job for people who have skills in any subject.

All you have to do is create an account on a website that offers freelance work. Then find the right job for you from the job listings and apply for a job.

There are some websites where you have to publish the gig with your skills and job description so that the client can contact you directly.,, and are some of the websites where freelance jobs are available. You can earn from ৫ 5 to কাজের 1000 for each job through these websites.

Remember, however, that you will only receive payment if your client analyzes and approves the task after it has been successfully completed. In that case, the work may need to be modified several times to meet the needs of your client.

Freelancing - We have a misconception about freelancing that the freelancing profession is for those who know web design, graphics design. But what do we know from the definition?

The electrician is also a freelancer but he provides services offline. The spread of the online freelancing profession is growing day by day, adding new jobs.

    ✓ Web design
    ✓ Graphics design
    ✓ Content Writing and Translation
    ✓ Video making
    ✓ Photo editing
    ✓ Video editing
    ✓ Virtual assistant
    ✓ Voice artist
    ✓ Digital marketing

The scope of these works is so large that these works are again divided into sub-categories. When you visit a freelancing site, you will see how much work there is and whether there are any jobs in which you have expertise.

Make money online by Blogging

Blogs usually start with a hobby, interest and passion and soon blogging became a career option for many bloggers. Most of the people who blog in English are professional bloggers, nowadays many are taking blogging in Bengali as their main profession.

There are two ways to start a blog

You can create a blog through WordPress or, which requires no investment, here you can start a blog without any investment. Since it is a free blog, there will be some difficulties, moreover, the site will not have a professional look.

Otherwise, you will need to invest, purchase a domain name and server hosting space to build a blog site. A professional blogging can be done for a minimum of Rs 3,000 per year.

An added benefit of paid blogs is that you can customize them to suit your needs and keep the security of the site in your hands.
Ways to make money from blogs:

A blog is like a golden egg-laying duck. An article on the blog can bring you money year after year. It is possible to earn money from blogs in different ways. Such as:

    AdSense or Advertising: The most popular way to monetize a website is to monetize Google AdSense. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars by connecting AdSense ads with blogs. The more visitors to your blog, the more income.
    Local Advertising: As the popularity of the site grows, local companies will contact you to place ads on your site.
    Affiliate Marketing: There are more opportunities to do affiliate marketing on the product review site. You will also have the opportunity to do affiliate marketing with products from Alibaba, Amazon or local e-commerce sites.
    Sponsor posts: Sponsor posts are a popular medium among visitors diverting systems. If you have visitors to the blog, you can take money to feature different posts in small blogs.
    Guest Posts / Backlinks: Many bloggers can tell visitors about their site by guest blogging on your popular site, you can earn money by providing this facility. On the other hand, backlinks are very important for off-page SEO of a blog. You can also earn money by giving this backlink.
    Sell your own product / service: If you don't want to find a job through a freelancing site, you can start your own site and let everyone know about your service there. Moreover, you can make money from blogging by making your own products or selling e-books.

Remember, blogging requires time and effort to succeed and earn. So to be successful in blogging you have to have patience and perseverance.

Earn money online from YouTube

If you don't feel comfortable expressing your thoughts through blogs and content writing or want to avoid the hassle and expense of web design, you can also make money online by presenting videos and uploading them to YouTube.

To make money from YouTube, first select the topic of the video and create a YouTube channel with the name related to the topic of the video. Be sure to select topics that you can create a number of videos about.

Everything from cooking shows to political debates, sports or celebrity gossip can find many viewers on YouTube. Upload regular and quality videos to popularize the channel.

As your customer base grows, so will your income. It is possible to earn income from YouTube in all possible ways from a blog. There is also a YouTube paid subscription option.

Income through Web Designing

Not all businesses are tech conscious now, but over time everyone is feeling the need for a website of their own. Especially for those whose work can be related to websites, the best way to expand your business is to publish yourself on a website.

Each website is different in terms of interface, because our preferences and needs are not the same. Moreover, the first way to inform customers and visitors about the uniqueness of your site is the look of the website.

The look of the site depends on the design. Designing a blog and website requires a web designer who will design the site using his coding skills. At the beginning of the discussion I talked about the misconception about freelancing, this misconception but it did not arise among us. Because of the needs of web designers and their prestige, I understood freelancing to mean web design, graphics design.

As long as there is internet, website design and development will continue, the need for this will not end. So the demand for a web designer's job will never decrease, but will continue to increase.

Now the question is how to make money online as a web designer!

    ✓ Freelance web designing
    ✓ By joining a design agency
    ✓ Works as a project designer
    ✓ Creates a design blog and promotes your own design
    ✓ You can earn money by offering web design online courses on various online tutors or course sites

A web designer can increase the value of his work by establishing himself in the online market. A web designer ranges from $10 to $100 on skills based on hourly tasks.
As a developer:

If you are a designer as well as a skilled developer, congratulations. You may be surprised to know that 34% of all online websites are based on WordPress. Themes are the main theme of WordPress site design.

A WordPress theme can range from $30 to $100. Once you develop a good theme and put it on the market, money will start coming into your pocket.

Online Graphics Design and Make Money

Have you ever wondered how many types of images, logos and so on to browse online every day? Can all images be captured just by the camera shutter?

Graphic design is simply designing a picture or logo through the artist's thoughts, writings and graphics.

You must be wondering why there is so much need for prefix design! Why so much demand for graphics designers?

An online business needs an innovative design almost every day. Every business organization or website has its own identity mark. Could this logo ever be a normal photo!

Yes, but it can be made presentable as a logo by working on a simple image. But here too a graphics designer is needed to design the rest on the image.

An ad is usually a picture of him, but in this small picture the whole content of the ad has to be brought up, which can never be done through image capturing. Then surely graphic designers understand the needs.

How to make money online as a graphic designer ?

    ✓ As a logo designer
    ✓ Works with advertising companies
    ✓ Works with magazines or newspapers
    ✓ As an animation designer
    ✓ Works in game development company
    ✓ As a font designer
    ✓ T-shirt design
    ✓ Making video tutorials
    ✓ Makes and sells design templates
    ✓ Creates WordPress templates

You will find all the above jobs in the freelancing marketplaces. Moreover, like a web developer, web designers can also make money by creating blogs.