What is popup window ?

Pop-Up Window A pop-up window could be a style of window that opens while not the user choosing "New Window" from a program's File menu. Pop-up windows area unit usually generated by websites that embrace pop-up advertisements. These ads area unit created with JavaScript code that's inserted into the hypertext markup language of an online page. They usually seem once a user visits a page or closes a window. Some pop-up ads show up before of the most window, whereas others show up behind the most browser window. Ads that seem behind open windows also are referred to as "pop-under" ads.

Regardless of wherever pop-up advertisements seem on your screen, they'll be pretty annoying. fortuitously, browser developers have complete this associate degreed most net browsers currently embrace an choice to block pop-up windows. If you're noticing pop-up windows seem on your pc once your browser isn't open, you will have associate degree adware program running on your pc. the most effective answer to the current drawback is to run associate degree anti-spyware program that may find and take away the malware from your system.
Pop-Up Menu A pop-up menu could be a style of menu that pops informed the screen once the user right-clicks a precise object or space. It are often conjointly referred to as a discourse menu since the menu choices area unit relevant to wherever the user right-clicked on the screen. Pop-up menus offer fast access to common program functions and area unit utilized by most in operation systems and applications.
-- HTML Code --

 <a href="https://itnews.learninghomebd.com" target="popup" onclick="window.open('https://itnews.learninghomebd.com','popup','width=600,height=600'); return false;">
    Open Link in Popup

How To Use This Code ?

You have to use this code in HTML Section. Copy this above code and paste where you want to appear. You can change height and width of the popup box. Replace the given url (https://itnews.learninghomebd.com) with your site url. This url will be show in the popup box.