This URL goes against our Community Stabdards on spam

Is this message showing when you go to share the link on Facebook?


This happens when we repeatedly share the same link on Facebook from a single Facebook ID. Even though there is nothing bad on our website, it is blocked from Facebook. It is a kind of mistake. So there is nothing wrong with you.

How to solve this problem

1st Step

Check is everything alright !

But if you have seen

2nd Step

You need to complete following step
Just click on the let us know
You will get - 
Example: Copy this following message and re-write with your data - url etc. and send to facebook authority.  It may takes 3 or 4 days but you will get a feedback.
Dear Facebook Team,
It seems that you blocked the domain (your website url) for no obvious reason and i want to ask you to unblock it after you have checked it and think its safe. All social feeds except Facebook can share this domain. Also company registered on google maps and have Facebook and twitter pages. Link for site can not be shared even on Facebook page of company. To get your attention I even posted an ad on facebook to make someone aware of my problem.
All over this time we are not to violate Facebook Privacy Policy and Terms.
Thank you very much!
(Your Name)